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The Government has announced a pay rise of 7% for police officers – the joint highest public sector rise.

Police and Crime Commissioner John Campion said: “Police officers play a vital role in keeping communities safe. The Government clearly recognises this and has listened to support from the public on this issue. It is therefore both right and very welcome to see police officers receive such a significant pay increase, which will be worth more than £3,000 per year to many police constables in West Mercia.

“This pay award supports hard working police at a time when we know costs of living are high. The Government has adopted the recommendations made by the independent pay body, and that support for the nation’s public sector is invaluable. It also however balances the need to manage our finances responsibly and live within our means, to ensure that as a nation we don’t compromise our economic security and that we continue to effectively tackle inflation.

“The news that this increase is fully funded by Government without additional borrowing or burden on local taxpayers is also very welcome. It is important that pay and funding within policing keep pace with the economy. This means that at a local level in West Mercia we can maintain record levels of police officer numbers, and continue to ensure that they are focused on delivering the outcomes the public want and deserve, in terms of crime reduction and community safety.”