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The West Mercia Police and Crime Commissioner has welcomed West Mercia Police’s involvement in a national firearms surrender, that aims to make our communities safer.

The surrender will run for two weeks from Monday 13 November until Sunday 26 November 2017, and will give members of the public the opportunity to safely dispose of a firearm by simply taking it to a local police station and handing it in.

Commissioner John Campion said “I am committed to building communities where people are safe and feel safe. Through initiatives like this West Mercia Police are taking illegitimate weapons of our streets and helping people to feel more secure, particularly in our rural communities where there a higher number of licenced and legitimate firearms holders. Fortunately any kind of gun crime is rare in West Mercia policing areas, and I am committed to ensuring West Mercia Police have the resources to continue to protect our communities.”

Read more on West Mercia Police’s website.

Issued: Monday 13th November 2017