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Funding to provide crucial support to children who have survived domestic abuse has been welcomed by Police and Crime Commissioner, John Campion.

The Government has announced it will be allocating more than £10 million to organisations who provide counselling and 1:1 support to children nationally, including The Children’s Society and SafeLives.

An additional £7.4 million is also being used to develop early intervention strategies to protect women and girls from domestic abuse.

Police and Crime Commissioner John Campion said: “I welcome the Government’s announcement which will make a real difference to the lives of domestic abuse victims and survivors in West Mercia.

“Domestic abuse is a devastating crime, and its impact is life changing. Instead of a safe and stable family life, children who experience domestic abuse are growing up with pain and conflict at home. Counselling and 1:1 support will play a vital role in supporting children to break away from abusive relationships and get the help they need to cope and recover.

“No one should suffer in silence and that’s why I am unapologetic about my commitment to tackling domestic violence and sexual abuse. I fund a number of roles to deliver help and support to victims and survivors across the three counties through West Mercia Women’s Aid, Cranstoun, and West Mercia Rape and Sexual Assault Centre.”

Support available in West Mercia can be found on the PCC’s website – Helping Victims – West Mercia Police Crime Commissioner (