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PCC John Campion has welcomed moves from the Home Office to support retail staff to take a stance against abuse, and for the tougher treatment of shoplifters.

The Government has announced the measures after a ‘call for evidence’ of abuse against retail workers solicited three and a half thousand responses from those working in the sector, most of which indicated that abuse against shop workers had increased and that, in the vast majority of cases, victims did not report the abuse to police.

The new measures will provide effective support for victims of abuse to report incidents to the police. Government will also ask that PCCs and Chief Constables work more closely with local businesses, to ensure that thefts of goods under the value of £200 are prosecuted as a criminal offence.

PCC, John Campion said, “These changes are welcome and necessary. I have long called for stronger measures for the perpetrators of abuse against retail workers and retail theft, and I am committed making sure that victims of crime are heard and supported.”

“The nation has experienced, first hand, through the Covid-19 pandemic, the invaluable service that retail workers provide. They have kept our country moving through the most difficult of times and should never have to go to work worried about their safety.”

“Shoplifting is not a victimless crime, it is a crime that affects us all. Shoplifting represents a huge cost to retailers, and inevitably, to society as a whole. I will continue to make sure that West Mercia Police has the resources it needs to tackle these types of crime, and that we work effectively with businesses and partners to combat them.”

“Violence is never acceptable, and there is no place for the abuse of those who are just doing their job.”

Published Friday 10th July