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Communities in West Mercia will see an increased number of officers, as part of a Home Office investment.

The Police and Crime Commissioner has welcomed the provisional allocation of almost £450,000 to support the recruitment of officers. The Commissioner will work with the force to ensure the funding is best spent on recruiting, training and delivering extra resources such as vehicles, buildings, IT equipment and uniform for the first tranche of 93 extra officers, due to be in place by March 2021. Further investments are expected as part of the Government’s commitment to recruit 20,000 police officers nationally.

The 93 officers are in addition to the 215, which the PCC has already invested in, who are due to be in post by the end of this year.

Commissioner John Campion said “This Home Office investment is welcome news for our communities, who want more visible and accessible policing.

Recruitment in West Mercia is at record levels. This additional investment on top of this, not only delivers extra officers, but ensures the extra resources are in place to ensure these officer can deliver the best service to the public. I will work with the force to ensure this is spent as effectively as possible.”

Martin Evans, Assistant Chief Constable of West Mercia Police, said: “Every part of our policing area will see a welcome boost as the new officers complete their training and go on patrol or begin their work to solve problems in local communities. The new recruits, together with the highly-dedicated police officers, PCSOs, Special Constables, police staff and volunteers that we already have, will be able to make a visible and welcome difference to our communities, helping to reduce crime and improving services to victims.

“Our focus remains on attracting and retaining the best applicants from a range of backgrounds to serve the public. A substantial uplift in officer numbers like this gives us the ideal opportunity to increase the diversity of our workforce. A diverse set of professional skills is needed to be a police officer, and policing benefits greatly from individuals with socially diverse backgrounds and experiences. With a larger, more representative and diverse workforce, we know that we can be more effective in improving the public’s confidence and trust in policing and be a more inclusive force.”

For more information on applying to be an officer click here.

Issued: Wednesday 30th October 2019