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Focusing on criminal justice, Police and Crime Commissioner John Campion has welcomed the King’s Speech which covered a range of Government proposals over the coming months.

The plans include putting offenders who commit murders with sexual or sadistic motives behind bars for life in the Sentencing Bill.

There will be a pledge for a Criminal Justice Bill to give tougher sentences to grooming gang members, and to make murdering a partner at the end of a relationship a statutory aggravating factor at sentencing.

Work will continue on the Victims and Prisoners Bill, carried over from the last parliamentary session, which will include stopping parole for the worst offenders and preventing them from marrying in prison as well as improving support for victims of crime.

Through the Investigatory Powers (Amendment) Bill powers for the UK’s intelligence agencies will be updated to tackle evolving threats and technological advancements used by criminals.

PCC John Campion said: “I welcome the focus on criminal justice as I hear regularly from communities calling for the strengthening of the law to ensure victims get the justice they deserve and expect.

“The plans are progress by ensuring offenders who commit the worst possible offences are no longer able to harm again, while also increasing powers to tackle the devastating impact of cyber-crime which accounts for more than half of crime in West Mercia.

“As set out in my Safer West Mercia Plan, I am committed to building a West Mercia where you are safe and feel safe with the speech setting out another step forward on that journey.”