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PCC, John Campion has welcomed the move to outlaw the ‘rough sex’ defence for defendants claiming that their partner had consented to an act resulting in death or actual bodily harm. The amendment to the Domestic Abuse Bill, which is currently going through Parliament will aim to seek justice for victims.

In the UK, 60 women and seven men have been killed as a result of claimed ‘sex gone wrong’, with three of these cases involving women from West Mercia. In the last five years, this defence has been successful in nearly half of the killings that went to trial.

PCC John Campion said, “As Commissioner, a key priority of mine is ensuring victims and survivors are put first, with a fundamental focus on supporting them to achieve the right outcome in the criminal justice system.”

“I wholeheartedly welcome this amendment to the Domestic Abuse Bill, which will stop perpetrators of sexual violence claiming that their partners consented to the act.”

“I am shocked that this is an argument that has ever been justified and I am pleased that it is being raised in Government so we have an opportunity to protect victims, and grant them the respect and anonymity they rightfully deserve.”

“I thank Wyre Forest MP Mark Garnier and MP Harriet Harman, for their leadership, and their work to make sure that these vital amendments are added to the Domestic Abuse Bill.”

Published Wednesday 17th June 2020