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A new initiative which will see domestic abusers tagged when they leave prison has been welcomed by Police and Crime Commissioner John Campion.

The pilot scheme, covering West Mercia, will protect and reassure victims by ensuring the police is able to monitor a perpetrator’s whereabouts, as well as a curfew and ban being enforced to ensure they do not go within a certain distance of a victim’s home.

Earlier this year, the PCC secured £1.2 million of Home Office funding for the DRIVE project. Combining funding from the PCC and the Home Office, it will create an all-risk level perpetrator programme delivered by one provider that will now be available across West Mercia.  This huge leap forward means that all perpetrators will receive, for the first time in West Mercia’s history, the help and support they need to change their harmful behaviour.

The PCC said: “I am committed to breaking the cycle of domestic abuse and it will continue to be my commitment to ensure victims and survivors are given the protection they need to be kept safe, including challenging perpetrators’ behaviours.

“Whilst I am proud as PCC to continue funding support services for domestic abuse victims, we need to do ever more to stop those committing the abuse. The new pilot scheme will be an extension of the work I have commissioned to ensure no person has to face the devastating impact of domestic abuse in our communities, or no victim or survivor is at risk of being retraumatised by having to face those who have caused them harm.

“Domestic abuse is sadly a societal issue which the Government and I are committed to eradicate. It is vital we continue to address domestic abuse at its root, as well as creating an environment where victims and survivors feel they will receive the highest quality of support.”