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Stricter powers for police to tackle unauthorised traveller encampments are being welcomed by the West Mercia Police and Crime Commissioner

The Home Secretary and Secretary of State for Housing announced extended powers for police which include allowing them to direct trespassers to authorised sites, exercise powers to move smaller groups and remove trespassers which are obstructing roads. The proposals also look to tackle wider social economic issues within the Gypsy, Roma and Traveller communities, providing support for those who abide by the law.

The Commissioner has listened to local concerns around this issue, and has pushed for changes in the law.

Commissioner John Campion said “This is in as issue that has been raised by communities and I back the government in their positive action, to give the police more power to act. These positive steps will help ensure that all parts of our communities are safe and feel safe.”

Issued: Tuesday 12th February 2019