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Police and Crime Commissioner John Campion said “The figures outlined in the HMICFRS efficiency report are incorrect and misleading. They do not take into account West Mercia’s innovative alliance with Warwickshire and how costs are shared between the two police forces. As a result, it presents figures and projections which are inaccurate and unhelpful, and we have contacted HMICFRS to raise this issue with them.”

“When you factor the alliance into the equation, the picture in West Mercia is nowhere near what HMICFRS suggest. However, even after the necessary corrections are made, what we are talking about here are merely projections. No new operating models have been confirmed, nor will they be, until financial decisions are made in due course both nationally and locally

“I am clear that I will support the Chief Constable to prioritise resources towards the frontline, sustaining the visible community policing that our communities expect and deserve.

The increased collaborative working, already demonstrated with the alliance with Warwickshire and as outlined in my fire proposals, would help us to achieve this in the efficient delivery of functions that support frontline policing.

I will continue to deliver my promise to make sure the reform of West Mercia is taken forward to deliver the policing our communities demand.”

Issued: Thursday 9th November 2017