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Police and Crime Commissioner John Campion has introduced five new posts dedicated to making sure the voices of rural and business communities within West Mercia are heard and their problems resolved.

The introduction of new Rural and Business Crime Officers will help the Commissioner deliver his commitment to making sure communities are not only safe, but feel safe too. They will also help deliver the existing Rural Matters and Business Matters campaigns, which are led by West Mercia Police.

The officers will each represent a policing area: Paul Crumpton for Herefordshire, Philippa Jackman-Day for Shropshire, Charmaine Woolley for Telford and Wrekin, Natalie Lowe for North Worcestershire and Tracy-Louise Tooze for South Worcestershire. Together they will cover key issues such as wildlife crime, fly-tipping, retail theft and cross-border crime.

The officers will be responsible for engaging with rural and business communities, providing them with valuable crime reduction and signposting advice and ultimately ensuring that the most vulnerable people within these communities are being provided with a quality service.

Police and Crime Commissioner John Campion said: “I have heard, all too often, that these communities don’t feel they are supported enough by their local police. I want that to change, and for these people to feel no less supported than anyone else in West Mercia.

“Whilst we’ve had similar roles to these before, they weren’t all under West Mercia Police so weren’t necessarily working to the same priorities. By having these new Rural and Business Crime Officers in place, I am confident that we will be able to identify and understand the community needs together and make sure we can solve any problems that arise.”

Issued on: Friday 10 November