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Safer West Mercia Plan

The Commissioner’s Safer West Mercia Plan was first published in August 2021 following extensive consultation with communities and partners.

PCC’s are required to produce a Police and Crime Plan within the financial year of their election. Performance reports linked to the PCC’s plan are produced for West Mercia’s Police and Crime Panel to scrutinise. These reports are available to view here.

Police Performance & Holding to Account

The PCC attends regular internal briefings with senior members of force personnel to discuss different aspects of policing performance. Examples include estates, finance, HR and crime data. Quarterly performance reports are published and are available to view here.

The Commissioner also holds frequent ‘holding to account’ meetings with the Chief Constable. The minutes from these meetings are published and are available at this link.

National Priorities for Policing

The National Priorities for Policing are specified by the Government in the National Crime and Policing Measures. The key national policing priorities are:

  • Reduce Murder and other homicide
  • Reduce serious violence
  • Disrupt drugs supply and county lines
  • Reduce neighbourhood crime
  • Improve victim satisfaction with a focus on victims of domestic abuse
  • Tackle cyber crime

The Police and Crime Commissioner is required to provide a statement on the contribution of West Mercia Police to achieving improvements against these national priorities. The latest statement will be published here when available.


Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire & Rescue Service (HMICFRS) formerly known as Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary  (HMIC) carry out inspections of police forces. These can range from individual function areas through to critical national issues and themes across the police service.  HMICFRS also provide an interactive tool which allows users to compare data on recorded crimes and incidents, quality of service and resources for all police forces in England and Wales.

You can see HMICFRS’s data and reports on the West Mercia area, or click here to view comments that the PCC has made in response to HMICFRS reports.

Complaints Handling

The Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) oversees the police complaints system in England and Wales. They investigate the most serious matters, including deaths following police contact, and set the standards by which the police should handle complaints. The IOPC report on complaints data for all police forces in England and Wales and the Police and Crime Commissioner is required to publish the following IOPC statistics:

The Police and Crime Commissioner is required to provide a statement on complaints handling that includes an assessment of holding to account activity, and the Police and Crime Commissioner’s own performance in undertaking specific complaint functions such as complaint reviews. The latest statement will be published here when available.


This site provides high-level statistics about crime and anti-social behaviour in West Mercia over the last three years. It also enables users to make comparisons between local areas and similar areas across England and Wales. The site also provides details of how quickly criminal cases are dealt with by magistrates’ and Crown courts in West Mercia.

Office for National Statistics

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) publishes quarterly crime statistics with data taken from two sources: the Crime Survey for England and Wales and police recorded crime data. The ONS also publishes an annual report on crime statistics and a number of ad hoc reports on related topics throughout the year.