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Quarter 4 – 2023/24

Meeting Details

Chair: PCC John Campion

Date: Monday 20th May

Time: 2pm


John Campion- Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC)

Marc Bayliss- Deputy PCC (DPCC)

Charity Pearce- Policy Officer (CP)

Nicola Lowery- Policy Officer (NL)

Alex Murray- Temporary Chief Constable (T/CC)

Richard Cooper- T/Deputy Chief Constable (T/DCC)

Items for Discussion

1. Review of Action Tracker

Papers: Updates to action tracker to be submitted to OPCC on 13/05/2024 by 9am.

2. Chief Constable Assessment on Quarterly Performance                                   PCC/T/CC

  • Safer West Mercia Plan and Budget Priorities
  • 999 Performance: 
    • Current performance, including national/relevant comparator data
    • Barriers to improving performance
    • Next steps to making required performance improvements
  • Road Safety: Killed and seriously injured (KSI):
    • Analysis to establish the scale of KSI incidents
    • Assessment of the factors behind increase in casualties and collisions
    • Overview of force activity in relation to prevention
  • Domestic abuse (DA) arrest rates:
    • Explanation of variation in DA arrest rates across LPAs and assessment of ‘what good looks like’
    • Overview of activity to address variations in performance (where appropriate) and meet ‘what good looks like’
  • Any other performance areas as determined by the Chief Constable.

Papers: Presentation / briefing to be provided by the T/ CC at the meeting and shared with the OPCC after the meeting

3. Quarterly Update on Performance / Activity Related to the National            PCC/T/CC

Priorities For Policing

  • National Priorities for Policing
    • Homicide
    • Serious Violence
    • Drugs / County Lines
    • Neighbourhood Crime
    • Satisfaction
    • Cyber Crime

Papers: Paper to be submitted to OPCC on 13/05/2024 by 9am.

4. Quarterly HMICFRS Update                                                                                          PCC/T/CC

Building on previous reports to WMGB, the PCC requests an update report on PEEL preparedness. This report should focus on activity commenced following the self-assessment and the steps required for immediate improvement across the 6 initial areas of focus identified by the force.

The 6 areas are:

  • Partnership data sharing
  • Investigative supervision and oversight
  • Apprehension of wanted persons and outstanding suspects
  • Effective strategy, performance framework and governance in relation to all College of Policing vulnerability strands
  • Timeliness of call handling and abandonment (discussion of which will be picked up in CC’s Assessment on 999 performance)
  • Occupational health provision / provision of support to those in high-risk roles

The CC should also identify any areas where the PCC can provide appropriate support.

Papers: Paper to be submitted to OPCC on 13/05/2024 by 9am.

5. Summary of Actions Arising                                                                                         PCC

6.AOB                                                                                                                                                    ALL

7. Confirmation of Next Meeting Type / Date / Time / Venue

Public meeting:  25.06.2024