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Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG)

Meeting Details

Chair: Marc Bayliss

Date: 19th December 2023

Time: 2pm


Marc Bayliss- Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner (DPCC)

Natasha Noorbakhsh- Senior Policy Officer (NN)

Charity Pearce- Policy Officer (CP)

David Keenan- Policy and Commissioning Intern (DK)

Alex Murray- Temporary Chief Constable (T/CC)

Richard Cooper- T/Deputy Chief Constable (T/DCC)

Items For Discussion

1. Review of Action Tracker

2. Victims Voice Video

The DPCC will open this agenda item by playing a victim case study video that has been circulated to attendees prior to the meeting.

3. Assurance & Accountability- VAWG

The PCC acknowledges the different types of VAWG and their own distinct impact on victims and survivors.  For this Assurance & Accountability meeting the PCC has requested that this thematic meeting focusses on Domestic Abuse (DA).


  • Assessment of officer training and impact on:
    • Addressing cultural issues with respect to DA cases.
    • Ensuring a trauma informed response.
  • Ensuring training for use of all available powers including DVPNs/DVPOs/SPOs. 
  • Evaluation of VAWG officer role to include identification of best practice and how impact on service is measured.


  • Understanding the impact of key strategies and policies that underpin the force’s approach to tackling DA.  To include:
  • An executive overview on the progress made against the VAWG action plan.
  • Impact of DA grade and deployment changes.
  • Transition to DARA risk assessment model
  • Implementation of the Internal Domestic Abuse and Vulnerability Policy.
  • An assessment of multi-agency working to develop whole-system approach to managing DA offenders, including areas of best practice and for improvement in each LPA.

Building trust & confidence

  • An overview on KPIs relating to DA including response times, arrest rates, CPS referral rates and charge rates. 
  • Progress made since the last VAWG A&A in December 2022 to improve understanding of victim’s experience, including satisfaction with service.  To also outline the CC’s aspirations for the next 12 months.

4. Summary of Actions Arising

5. AOB

6. Confirmation of next meeting

Public A&A- January 2024