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723* drivers have been caught speeding on a Herefordshire road since April, with the Police and Crime Commissioner now calling for more effective solutions to the problem.

After spending time in the area meeting with residents and witnessing the speeds first-hand PCC John Campion said of the issue: “It is absolutely not acceptable that residents are having their lives blighted by this. The level of speeding at Stretton Grandison shows that police enforcement alone is not enough, more needs to be done to tackle the causes of the issue.”

“It needs a more rounded approach from all local partners to ensure speed limits are clearer, drivers take more action to adhere to them, and the layout of the road itself is more conducive to driving at safer speeds”.

“I will play my part in delivering those improvements, but it is clear that Herefordshire Council, West Mercia Police and others also have significant parts to play in ensuring the most effective, long term solution.”

*The figure has come from 38.5 hours of enforcement on the A417 at Stretton Grandison by West Mercia’s Safer Roads Partnership. It means an average of almost 19 offences per hour of enforcement.

Issued: Monday 16th September 2019