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Police and Crime Commissioner, John Campion has unveiled his plans to tackle rural crime across West Mercia.

The plan has been developed specifically to tackle crime in the most rural areas of West Mercia. Over a third of our communities live in a rural setting and this rises to 50 percent in Herefordshire and Shropshire, making rural crime a top priority for the commissioner.

The Commissioner has listened to the concerns raised by rural communities and he has set out his vision to reduce the crimes most likely to be experienced by our rural communities, including farm and agricultural crime and wildlife crimes such as poaching.

Police and Crime Commissioner, John Campion said,

“It is vital that we make sure voices and priorities are heard and acted on from within our rural areas, making sure that communities and individuals feel more connected.”

“We must understand their concerns and the unique challenges they bring to policing. I want rural communities to have the same efficient and effective service, regardless of where they are, and for them to be safe and feel safe.”

The strategy can be viewed on the West Mercia Police and Crime Commissioner’s Publications page.