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Cllr Barry Durkin
West Mercia Police and Crime Panel

22nd August 2023

By Email – [email protected]
Dear Barry,

Thank you for your letter of 7th August, and for the Panel’s consideration of my Annual

To respond to the two points that were raised in your letter:

  1. ‘Frontline policing’ is not a straightforward term, nor is it well or consistently
    defined. In an environment where criminality frequently takes place away from a
    public setting such as domestic abuse, cyber crime), the nature of ‘frontline
    policing’, is an evolving practice.
    More than 90% of West Mercia’s police officers operate in what would be seen
    as frontline roles. Of the 500 additional officers added to West Mercia’s
    establishment in recent years I am confident that the number in frontline roles will
    be higher than that figure of 90%. As the Panel is aware, I have continued to
    prioritise ever greater resource to community policing in recent years, along with
    significant investments in (amongst other functions) investigations, violence
    against women and girls and neighbourhood crime fighting teams.
  2. The feedback from the Panel is noted. It will of course be a matter for the
    Commissioner to determine after the 2024 PCC elections, but certainly my intent
    for the Panel, via the budget metrics and performance reports, is to look to
    provide a consistent representation of key crime measures, along with relevant
    context / narrative.

Yours sincerely,

John Campion
Police and Crime Commissioner West Mercia