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Residents of Minsterley will benefit from a number of road safety measures after expressing their concerns to Police and Crime Commissioner John Campion.

After a meeting was held with Minsterley Parish Councillor Susan Lockwood and Parish Council Chair Geoff Rogers, the PCC agreed to help fund some road safety measures with the aim of reducing problems that have been affecting the village for many years.

It was agreed that a speed activated sign would be installed and white gates will be placed at the entrances to the village. Whilst there is currently a Community Speedwatch group in nearby Pontesbury, new sites have recently been identified for the group and it is hoped more people will want to volunteer for a group to be set up in Minsterley.

The Commissioner has requested that the West Mercia Police Safer Roads Partnership look into enforcement, specifically in Minsterley, with a view to reducing speeding.

Another measure they are hoping to have in place outside the village’s primary school are the ‘mini officers’, which are proving to be a success in other areas across Shropshire.

The Commissioner’s commitment to road safety forms part of his ‘Roads Focus’ campaigns, with a week of action taking place in Shropshire from 8th to 12th July (visit the website for more information and details on the drop-in sessions).

Earlier this year, the Commissioner also allocated £500,000 towards road safety to help villages like this and resolve issues of speeding and careless driving through rural villages.

The PCC said: “Minsterley sits on the busy A488, where it changes from 60mph to 30mph. Unfortunately, on roads like this, many drivers will choose to remain at a much higher speed than indicated as they enter the village. It is simply unacceptable and I hope that, with these measures in place, it will lessen the number of drivers speeding.

“I want people to feel safe where they live, which is why I’m committed to resolving issues like this for communities.”

Parish Councillor Susan Lockwood said: “We are really pleased to have the support of the Police and Crime Commissioner in resolving this problem, and we are looking forward to residents volunteering to help us with the Speedwatch scheme.”

Issued on: Monday 17th June