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West Mercia’s Police and Crime Commissioner John Campion has agreed to fund the first stage of a traffic calming scheme on a dangerous section of road in Herefordshire.

The Commissioner visited Aymestrey on 24th October to see the problem of speeding in the village for himself at the invitation of Ward Councillor Carole Gandy. He pledged the £2,700 the parish council needed to pay for village gateways, which will warn motorists that they are entering a village and encourage them to slow down.

This is the first phase of Aymestrey’s traffic calming scheme, which also includes changing the road markings. The white line from the centre of the road will be removed and replaced with edge-of-carriageway white lines, a measure that has been shown to reduce traffic speeds.

The Police and Crime Commissioner has also offered support for further phases of the scheme if Aymestrey and Herefordshire Council are able to raise further funding.

Heather Yesson, the lead parish councillor for the traffic calming scheme said: “We are very grateful to John for his help in kick-starting our project; his support will make a big difference in getting this scheme started and reducing speeding in our small village. We would also like to thank Councillor Gandy for setting up the meeting”.

John Campion said “I promised to listen to the needs of our communities and be responsive to them. This is another example of how I am delivering on that promise. It’s clear that there are some very committed people in Aymestrey who want to improve safety in their community and I am very happy to help them achieve that. Speeding is often an issue raised in our rural communities and this is an excellent example of where a lot of community support coupled with a little bit of money can make a real difference.”

Issued: Wednesday 9th November 2016