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The West Mercia Police and Crime Commissioner has welcomed proposals to make streets safer as outlined in the Queen’s Speech today.

The Prince of Wales outlined a number of new pieces of legislation which will give the police more powers, and victims more rights. The victims’ code will be enshrined in law giving victim the right to be told about the release of an offender from jail. Ministers will also be given the right to block the release of “high-risk” offenders from prison under overhaul of the parole board.

Other new legislative bills include proposals to prevent economic crime, cyber crime, modern slavery and crimes against animal welfare.

Commissioner John Campion said “Putting Victims’ first is at the forefront of everything we do and I am pleased to see the proposals for new legislation which will give those affected by crime more rights to help with their recovery.

The changes in legislation tackle some emerging crime types which cause significant harm in our communities. I look forward to seeing our hard working police officers being given more powers and tools to prevent this harm and ultimately make our communities safer”