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A Safer & Stronger Communities project to brighten pedestrian and cycle paths in Donnington Wood is now complete, with residents ‘reassured and feeling safer’ with the outcome.

Concerns, previously identified via Telford & Wrekin Council’s safety survey, showed that residents, particularly women, felt nervous about insufficient lighting on a major pedestrian thoroughfare on Donnington Wood Way, an area popular with walkers and also used by school pupils.  

The £20k scheme has seen 16 dated lighting columns, replaced with either stronger LED bulbs or taller stands – now up to five metres tall – that brighten a larger area and reduce ‘black’ spots, increasing visibility and reducing nervousness among residents. 

Resident of 30 years, ‘Ness’ lives close to the walkway and usually walks the path twice daily and has done for a number of years. She said: “It’s been reassuring to have the new lighting and they do make a massive difference. 

“Before, when out walking I couldn’t make people out until they were quite close to me which sometimes felt daunting and there were shadowy areas I was wary about. It made me feel nervous at times and I tried to avoid places which is quite difficult in the winter when it’s especially dark. 

“Now, the lights are good at lighting up a wider area and means I have much better visibility of the whole path and can see people from further away. It’s reassuring to know I can see who I’m approaching and that helps me feel safer. 

“The beams are also more concentrated, I have one at the end of my garden near the fence and the new light doesn’t bother me – it shines mainly on the path, it’s a more controlled light beam which is a brighter light, more like daylight.” 

The Safer & Stronger Communities project is led by Telford & Wrekin Council with support from the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC), John Campion. More that £2m will be invested into further improving safety and new community groups, with an additional £500K from the PCC, over the next two years.

Police and Crime Commissioner John Campion said “I am glad to hear the investments I have made jointly with Telford & Wrekin Council are helping to make residents be safe and feel safe. This project is a great example of how by listening to the public, we have been able to make a tangible difference in our communities.” 

Telford & Wrekin Council’s Safer & Stronger Communities team, worked closely with the parish council responsible for the lighting. Councillor Paul Watling (Labour), Cabinet Member for Safer & Stronger Communities said: “This has been a real success for the Safer & Stronger Communities team. 

“They have worked with residents to identify concerns and then worked with partners such as the parish council to identify a solution and deliver a huge benefit to the community, helping people feel safe where they live.”

If you have ideas or feedback on things in your area or you know of an area that would benefit, please get in touch with the council’s Safer & Stronger Communities team by emailing [email protected] 

A similar scheme is being carried out in Malinslee from May 2023 and also on Hinkshay and Dark View Lane.