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PCC John Campion is helping victims to move forward and recover by funding, through Victim Support, the Restorative Justice process.

Restorative Justice brings victims of crime, and those responsible, into communication, enabling everyone affected to play a part in repairing the harm and finding a positive way forward. The process gives victims the opportunity to ask the perpetrator questions about the crime, and for the perpetrator to hear, first-hand, about the impact the crime has had on the victim.

Research shows many people find restorative justice helps them to move on with their lives after experiencing crime. It can also reduce the frequency of reoffending.

Rosalyn* who is a survivor of stranger rape, and was attacked in her own home by knife point, explains how the opportunity to meet and speak to the perpetrator gave her the answers to questions that she had been carrying for a long time.

“The conference enabled me to voice the harm he had caused, and to explain the far reaching effect that the attack had on my home life and my marriage.” said Rosalyn.

“I told the perpetrator that I forgave him for the attack, and it felt like I had ‘let go’. I had released something, to free me up, to free me from the prison that was my mind. That was a powerful moment.”

PCC John Campion said, “This approach is not designed to replace criminal justice proceedings, however it can deliver benefits that traditional criminal justice on its own cannot.

“Some victims who are given the opportunity to speak to their perpetrators will often find the process is invaluable in their recovery, and enables them to gain some perspective on the crime.

“I have promised to make sure victims and survivors receive effective services, enabling them to cope and recover. Restorative Justice is just an example of one of those services that can allow victims to move forward. The process also delivers benefits for the wider society by wording to reduce reoffending.”

Hear Rosalyn’s full story on YouTube.

You can hear more about Restorative Justice by listening to the next podcast episode out on Friday via the Safer West Mercia Podcast channel. Available through Apple Podcasts, Spotify and the PCC’s website.

Issued on: Wednesday 17th March 2021