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Focused on ensuring local communities have a say in shaping policing priorities, Police and Crime Commissioner John Campion has launched his annual Town and Parish Council survey.

In its sixth consecutive year, the PCC is encouraging Town and Parish Councils across West Mercia to voice their views on police visibility, accessibility, and crime and disorder.

The opinions and feedback provided last year helped to show where improvements needed to be made. The PCC acted on responses and delivered extra investment to increase police officer numbers to record levels in West Mercia, meeting calls for more visible and accessible officers.

PCC John Campion said: “As your voice in policing, it is my responsibility to ensure everyone in West Mercia is heard at the highest level. This survey is just one of the many tools I have used and will continue to use to ensure concerns can be heard and acted on.

“Increasing officers to historic levels in West Mercia is an example of how the force and I, have listened to communities through surveys like this and are taking action to improve the service the public receive.

“I would encourage all Town and Parish Councils to use this opportunity to be represented by taking the time to complete the survey and have their say.”