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Commissioner John Campion is celebrating the many superheroes who deal with road safety across West Mercia every day.

The Commissioner receives a significant amount of concern from the community about road safety. He is committed to tackling it through his Safer West Mercia Plan and wants to see the number of those killed and seriously injured on the roads greatly reduced.

This Brake Road Safety Week the Commissioner is keen to highlight the excellent projects and organisations he funds that create the areas very own Road Safety Heroes.

The PCC would like to celebrate West Mercia’s superheroes who are present in projects such as MORSE, Road Peace, Pathfinder and Op SNAP who all have Road Safety at their heart. The projects that are funded and supported by the PCC have various ways of tackling the topic be that: preventing reoffending; offering support and care to those affected by tragedy or serious injury on the roads; education to younger members of the community; or allowing drivers to submit camera footage to the force of potential road traffic offences.

The PCC also wants to celebrate individuals in their communities who apply for funding to best equip their villages and towns, be that with community speed watch groups, traffic calming tools or education to the residents.

PCC John Campion said: “Too many people are killed or seriously injured on our roads. Through education, awareness and empowering communities I plan to tackle it and see the numbers reduce.

“The sheer number of correspondence regarding road safety I receive from the community is too many to deny there is a problem. I agree more needs to be done to change the culture of driving and put care and responsibility back into the users of roads across West Mercia.

“This isn’t just a week of action to raise awareness of road safety, but should be seen as a week of awareness to share the tireless and committed good work that happens all year across West Mercia. Be that through funded services or in the communities to improve road safety and reduce deaths and serious injury on our roads”