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The Commissioners funding has supported West Mercia police officers and staff alongside West Mercia Women’s Aid IDVA’s and Case Managers from DRIVE programme Herefordshire and Worcestershire to receive key training, hosted last week by Cranstoun.

Often considered to be the unnoticed victims, sadly there are many older victims of domestic abuse and even more who never report the abuse. It is key for the community to be aware of the signs to look for and the right way to handle this very sensitive subject. Therefore it is key that those who work closest with older community have received the relevant training, making them aware of the barriers and additional risks faced.

Commissioner John Campion said “In my Safer West Mercia Plan I promise to improve the response to domestic abuse and sexual violence, this covers all potential victims of this heartless crime including the many underrepresented victims. It is great to hear from those who attended the training the benefit it will bring to them and their roles when serving the community.

“The training I funded through Cranstoun is key in educating those who work frontline with the community. Unfortunately the truth is that older person abuse does happen in our community and I am committed to seeking support and providing services to tackle this.”

Sharon Rathmell Wallace  said “Domestic abuse in older people is often an overlooked crime with hidden victims that are too afraid to speak out about it. This  impact of abuse on an older person  is understandably profound and damaging, whatever form it takes and whoever is responsible for it.

“This essential training gave insight into the issues facing these victims and how we can go forward giving a better service and supporting them together our partner agencies.”