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15,000 homes are better protected after receiving Smartwater kits as part of the PCC funded ‘We Don’t Buy Crime’ initiative.

There are now over 60,000 ‘Smartwater’ protected homes across West Mercia, with the Police and Crime Commissioner John Campion working with councillors and contributing 25% towards the cost of kits and signage to cover entire communities.

These kits continue to be effective in tackling residential and business thefts with more pockets of the community being registered, for example:

  • Smartwater is now registered in 99 towns and parishes
  • 192 rural premises have been protected with Smartwater since May
  • 27 allotments have registered Smartwater kits
  • Bike kits have been issued to 376 cyclists
  • 243 retailers have signed up to the scheme
  • We Don’t Buy Crime have engaged with 171 fuel stations.

West Mercia Police’s We Don’t Buy Crime’s exploitation and vulnerability trainers have also upskilled 19,767 workers, from a range of night time economy outlets, to spot signs of exploitation.

PCC John Campion said: “People want to feel safe where they live and not fear that items they have worked hard for are at risk of being stolen. As Commissioner, supporting this initiative, and the incredibly valuable work the team does, is part of my commitment to building a safer West Mercia.

“It is great to see so many people, homes and businesses have benefited from the work of ‘We Don’t Buy Crime’ in such a short space of time, especially considering the challenges we have all faced during this pandemic.

“I will continue to support West Mercia Police and work with partners to ensure more communities can benefit from this effective crime deterrent and the wider, vital work they do.”

Inspector Ram Aston of West Mercia Police, who leads on ‘We Don’t Buy Crime’, said: “We’re incredibly grateful for the commitment from our Police and Crime Commissioner, John Campion, for his support in helping us to build on the success of ‘We Don’t Buy Crime’.

“Independent academic research has found that there is a significant reduction in crime in ‘We Don’t Buy Crime’ areas, and just as importantly residents feel safer and more reassured. The number of homes now protected is fantastic and we will look to increase this even more.”

Issued on: Friday 16th October 2020