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John Campion is holding the Chief Constable to account on implementing tighter controls on the performance of the 101 and 999 services.

Following concerns raised by the public to the Police and Crime Commissioner, he will be holding a session with the Chief Constable, Anthony Bangham, before the end of the month to ask important questions about the services and how the force is going to improve these following a fall in performance.

John said: “It’s vital our communities can get in touch with the police when they need them. The police need to ensure their contact channels – including the 101 non-emergency and 999 emergency numbers – are responsive and accessible.

“We have seen unacceptable drops in performance in relation to the 101 service which need to be addressed. It’s clear the staff in our call centres work extremely hard, so I am holding this session with the Chief Constable to ensure the processes, equipment and structures are in place to deliver better results for all of our communities.”

Published: Tuesday 18th October 2016