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Communities are getting good value for money, from West Mercia Police, as highlighted in data published by HMICFRS today.

Police and Crime Commissioner John Campion, welcomed the figures, which show lower levels of crime, despite a smaller spend on policing per population.*

The figures show the majority of spending goes towards local frontline policing, with an increased level of joiners as the force recruit a further 215 officers, following the PCCs investment.

They also highlighted decreases in crime across some key areas such as burglary, vehicle offences, theft and drugs offences. Where crime had increased, this was usually at a lower rate to the national levels. The figures also showed a higher percentage of suspects identified, when compared to other similar forces and nationally.

Commissioner John Campion said “Our communities expect their taxes to be spent efficiently and effectively, and to be focused on what matters to them- increasing visible policing, reducing crime and identifying suspects. This data shows the force is providing good value for money across all of these measures, and that public money is helping to build safer communities.”

To view the data in full click here

*Net revenue expenditure is £170 per population, which is below average when compared to all other forces nationally, and to forces within the most similar group.

Issued: Thursday 31st October 2019