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As part of a national ‘takeover’ day, a young person was given the chance to become lead decision-maker in PCC John Campion’s office.

On Friday (18 November), 17-year-old Angus Guthrie, from King’s School in Worcester, ‘took over’ the role of Police and Crime Commissioner for The Children’s Commissioner Takeover Challenge. This day gives young people the opportunity to offer a new perspective to businesses and organisations.

Angus identified what his priorities would be if he were PCC, looked at the budgets and how he would allocate the money available, and worked on a campaign to tackle the issue of people using their mobile phones while driving.

Angus looked at adverts that would encourage people to resist all temptation of looking at their phone, when driving or stationary. He also identified ways in which communities can help the police by being the eyes and ears around West Mercia.

John Campion said: “Angus came up with some great ideas for the campaign – which I’ll be looking to use in the work my office and I do on this subject. It was invaluable to have his input and hear the views from someone of a younger generation.”

Angus Guthrie said: “I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this experience. I’ve found it really interesting and I’ve learnt a lot more about the PCC and what’s involved in his role. It was also great to have been given the opportunity to work on a campaign that will work to tackle a key current issue.”

Issued on: Monday 21st November