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The Safer West Mercia Plan sets out how PCC John Campion will make good on the promises he made to deliver a safer West Mercia.

After PCC John Campion was re-elected in May 2021, he consulted with the public and partners before pulling together his Police and Crime Plan – a Safer West Mercia.

PCC John Campion has worked hard to deliver significant progress. Working with West Mercia’s Police Chief Constable, partners and the community. The PCC has made some tough decisions and backed the force with the resources they need. Now is the time to make good that investment, and continue to raise aspirations.

West Mercia now has almost 400 more police officers than when PCC John Campion was first elected in 2016.The journey of reform that PCC John Campion has championed has seen a far greater proportion of police budgets focused on front-line service delivery. West Mercia Police is now a far more agile organisation, much more capable of meeting the changing needs of its communities.

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There are four key components to the PCC’s plan:

  • Putting victims and survivors first
  • Building a more secure West Mercia
  • Reforming West Mercia
  • Reassuring West Mercia’s communities

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