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DateExpense TypeDetailsPurpose/No of nightsFood and DrinkHotelTravel car (total miles)Travel-RailTravel TaxiTravel – OtherNumber of miles claimed @0.45p per milesTotal mileage claimed
15.11.2022MileageHindlip to Worcs country parkPCC/WMP Away day44£1.80
15.11.2022MileageWorcs country park to HindlipPCC/WMP Away day44£1.80
17.11.2022MileageHindlip to De Vere CotswoldCustody Forum4848£21.60
18.11.2022MileageDe Vere Cotswold to HindlipCustody Forum4848£21.60
25.11.2022MileageHindlip to Malvern Police stationSite visit with the Deputy PCC1414£6.30
25.11.2022MileageMalvern Police station to Evesham Police stationSite visit with the Deputy PCC2121£9.45
25.11.2022MileageEvesham Police station to HindlipSite visits with the Deputy PCC1616£7.20