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The West Mercia Police and Crime Commissioner is backing a petition, to help keep people safe near the water.

Mark Allen’s Law was debated in parliament yesterday, after over 100,000 signatures we’re received calling for more lifesaving throwlines to be placed around bodies of water.

The Commissioner leads the Home and Dry multi-agency network, who have already used their combined influence to install additional throwlines in key hotspots across West Mercia, to prevent drowning.

He said “The installation of throwlines and educating communities about their proper use is just one tool to keep people safe. I welcome this being raised at a national level.

Here across West Mercia, the Home and Dry Network are taking a holistic approach looking at physical prevention alongside education, from an early age. We are making great strides, by working towards the same aims. Together we can prevent more unneccesary tragedies.”    

For more information on the Home and Dry Campaign visit: