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Communities have told me loud and clear that they want more police officers – I am delivering on this, year on year. Your money will be focused on bolstering policing numbers, to the highest establishment figure on record, with crime fighting
teams in the heart of communities.

I have listened and will focus funds to tackle your biggest community concerns – anti-social behaviour, road safety and drugs.

Policing is facing the same financial pressures we all are. Therefore I will ensure that every penny of your money is spent wisely.

I will deliver:

  • 40 new officers at the frontline of local policing.
  • More accessible and visible policing.
  • Continued focus on preventing and tackling crime.
  • Investment in preventing domestic abuse by challenging offender behaviour.
  • £2 million in Safer Communities projects, addressing local issues.
  • Continued investment in technology, which enables the police to provide you with a better service.

What will you pay?

Council Tax Band

The amount you pay for the police service will increase by 5.94% in 2023/24. Council Tax
bands are calculated to six decimal places, but presented here to two decimal places,
therefore they may vary by plus/minus 0.01%

Click here for further information on how your money will be spent, and to view the budget report in full.