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Executive Summary

As the headquarters of both West Mercia Police and Hereford & Worcester Fire
and Rescue Service, Hindlip Park is a site of national and regional significance in
the UK’s emergency service infrastructure.

The Hindlip Masterplan sets out the general principles and overall objectives for
the future development of the Hindlip Park site. The original masterplan was set
out and agreed by senior officers in Force and OPCC in December 2021. Work
continued to refine the plan through 2022. The aim of the Masterplan was to
review the use of the Hindlip Headquarters site, and to identify options to ensure it
can continue to respond effectively to the evolving requirements of West Mercia
Police (WMP) and make better use of available space.

Its purpose is to provide a structure that all such schemes should follow to
maintain a uniform and guided evolution of the site as a whole. If this is not done,
the result will be haphazard developments and refurbishments that ultimately
prejudice, rather than aid, the operations of WMP in the long-term at Hindlip Park.

Following agreement between PCC and Force as to the shape of the final
masterplan, a budget of £500k was allocated by the PCC in the Capital
Programme in the 2022/23 Budget Report to deliver the proposals. The intent was
to deliver the Masterplan based on the original work programme and budget of
£500k. The relocation of MIU and OCSET services were incorporated within this
plan, but were dependent on successful delivery of other elements of the plan and
recognised that additional budget would be required. However, due to operational,
tactical, and strategic priorities arising since the parameters of the original
Masterplan have had to be changed. This has impacted on priority and costs,
requiring additional funding of £194k beyond the original £500k budget.

The MIU & OCSET Relocation Business Case (Appendix 1) and proposal for
additional funding to deliver it’s aims, and objectives has the full support of WMP
Chief Officers from operational, tactical and strategic levels.


It is proposed that the PCC to approve additional funding of £194k to deliver the
revised Hindlip Masterplan work, to accommodate the full MIU & OCSET relocation to the Headquarters site, and taking total spend on delivery of the
Masterplan to £694k.

Approval of West Mercia Police and Crime Commissioner

I hereby approve the above proposal.

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