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Ref: PCC/D/2023/10


In seeking to develop the target police estate, the asset formerly used as Tenbury
Wells Police Station, located on Berrington Rd, Tenbury Wells, WR15 8EJ was
identified as surplus to requirements and marked for disposal. The local policing
base has now moved to a replacement facility.

Through a competitive tendering exercise, OPCC Estates appointed marketing
agents to advertise the property and assist with obtaining best value from this sale.
A local small business owner has since expressed interest and after viewing the
premises has submitted an unconditional cash offer for the property at £218,000.


It is proposed that the PCC:

  • Approve the disposal of the former Tenbury Wells Police Station, along with
    the recently acquired from Worcestershire County Council strip of land
    adjacent to the station building, to the interested party for the value of
    £218,000 on an unconditional cash payment basis.
  • Agree to pay the fee of the appointed agents for this sale. This will be 1% of
    the sale price, exclusive of VAT – £2,180 exclusive of VAT.
  • Approve estimated costs of £2,500-£3,000 for the conveyance of the asset.

West Mercia Police and Crime Commissioner

I hereby approve the above proposal.



The asset at Tenbury Wells was originally an early 20th Century 3-bedroom house
providing accommodation for Police staff. In 1989 planning permission was received
to convert and refurbish the property into a Police Station. It has been used as such
ever since and was extended in 2005, in order to provide space for a front counter
(now closed). The old double garage was replaced and the rear garden was
converted into secure parking for response vehicles.

The property became void in early 2022 and marketed for disposal in the end of 2022. West Mercia Police staff now co-locate with Hereford & Worcester Fire and
Rescue Service at Tenbury Wells Fire Station. This decision was in accordance with
the following:
• Safer West Mercia Plan;
• Estates Remodelling Strategy;
• Estates Rationalisation Delivery Plan; and
• West Mercia Change & Transformation Strategy.
Via a tender exercise, OPCC Estates appointed local marketing agents to value the
property and market the disposal. The agents consider the asset has potential to be
used as a commercial or as a dwelling. The agents advised in their tender that the
former police station be marketed for in the region of £230,000.

Within a month of advertising on the open market, five parties showed an interest
and viewed the property. The only offer received from the viewings comes from a
small local business, who submitted an unconditional cash offer for the property at
£218,000. The aim was to complete the transaction before the end of the financial
year (31st March 2023) therefore, agreement on the sales price of £218,000 would
help achieve this target date.

As the offer is unconditional, this significantly reduces the time required to complete
the conveyance. For example, the PCC will not be required to await the outcomes
of any planning permissions submitted by the purchaser nor any need to invest any
funds into change of use applications.

Consideration has also been given to the pervading, uncertain and volatile property
market conditions at the time of this Decision Notice, as property prices decline
nationally and the market cools. Financing has also become harder to obtain.

It is therefore considered that an expedited, unconditional cash sale at £218,000
obtains best value for the asset.

The PCC will also make a saving by transferring the responsibilities for keeping the
property safe, secure and compliant. Building fabric deterioration will be avoided,
along with the payment of business rates on this void premises.

It is important to note that the disposal of the former Tenbury Wells Police Station
will include the recently acquired from Worcestershire County Council strip of land
adjacent to the station building. The land is used as amenity land and provides
access from the adopted highway St Mary’s Close to the rear of the Police Station

After the completion of the sale, the PCC will retain no interest in the property.

The proposed disposal is operationally supported by West Mercia Police Chief


This decision supports the following element(s) of the Safer West Mercia Plan:

☐ Putting Victims and Survivors First

☐ Building a More Secure West Mercia
☒ Reforming West Mercia

☐ Reassuring West Mercia’s Communities

The decision supports the above listed objectives through the following:

 Obtaining capital receipt from the sale of the asset, that can be reinvested to

support delivery of policing services.

 Ensuring better resource management by maximising value, effectiveness,

efficiency to meet demand.


Benefits include:
 Maximised capital receipt from the disposal of the asset
 Mitigation of risk from unbudgeted maintenance costs – This asset has been
void for about one calendar year and there is a risk of the building fabric
deteriorating and requiring repair works which are not in the planned
 Mitigation of risk from liability claims – The non-operational void asset has
now become a liability.
 Due to the lack of daily presence on site, there is a higher risk of people
trespassing, vandalising or squatting in the premises.

An unconditional offer of £218,000 has been received for the site, which is 5% less
than the estimated value from the selling agents was £230,000. This is the only offer
that has currently been received.

The disposal of this asset will not require any further costs for building alternations
or for a change of use planning application.

The PCC will also ensure that further revenue costs related to the premises will be
avoided as it will end the liability for the maintenance, compliance, running costs and
business rates for the site. Disposal of the police station asset will realise annual
revenue operating cost savings of circa £12,500 and annual Rates savings of

It is for these reasons that the sale price is support as representing value for money
against the risk of incurring future costs.

The fee of the appointed agents for this sale will be 1% of the sale price, exclusive
of VAT – £2,180 exclusive of VAT. The budget for the marketing of the asset was
£675 exclusive of VAT and this amount has already been paid.

Warwickshire Legal Services have provided an initial estimate for the conveyancing
process between £2,500 and £3,000. The exact price will be dependent upon the
extent of due diligence undertaken by the buyer’s solicitors


Date: 16th February 2023


By virtue of schedule 11, paragraph 14 of the Police Reform and Social
Responsibility Act 2011 the Police and Crime Commissioner may do anything which
is calculated to facilitate, or is conducive or incidental to, the exercise of the functions
of commissioner. That includes entering into contracts and other agreements
(whether legally binding or not) and acquiring and disposing of property (including


Information in this form is subject to the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FOI Act)
and other legislation. Part 1 of this form will be made available on the West Mercia
Commissioner’s website. Any facts and advice that should not be made
automatically available on request are not included in Part 1 but instead in a
separate Part 2 report.


Chief Executive Officer

Date: 23rd February 2023

To read a PDF signed copy of this decision notice. Click here If you would like this decision notices and the appendices in an accessible format please email [email protected]