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The Police and Crime Commissioner has commended the force’s proactive approach to tackling knife crime, after a successful week of targeted activity as part of the national Operation Sceptre operation.

During the week (15th-21st November):

  • Nearly 300 knives and bladed weapons were surrendered.
  • Seven arrests were made.
  • Officers spoke to over 15,000 students and young people, at 88 different schools and venues.
  • 50 weapon sweeps were conducted
  • 80 test purchases were carried out in shops.
  • The force also carried out high visibility patrols, town pop up stands and leaflet drops.

Commissioner John Campion said “Knife crime is everybody’s business. West Mercia Police have taken a proactive and holistic approach which goes above and beyond the enforcement element towards preventing crime from happening. From early intervention to educate and change behaviours, to preventing the sale of harmful weapons.

I commend everyone who has been involved in this, not just during this week but for their input each and every day, to build confidence in our communities, so they can be safe and feel safe.”

For more information on Operation Sceptre visit the West Mercia Police website.