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Police and Crime Commissioner John Campion has funded an additional pro laser speed gun as part of his commitment to tackle speeding in North Worcestershire.

The new laser will augment existing equipment used by local policing teams across the north of the county to catch motorists who flout the limit, whilst responding to the concerns of local residents about speeding in their community.

The new speed gun forms part of the PCC’s commitment to making roads safer in West Mercia, by reducing the number of incidents that occur on our roads.

PCC John Campion said: “Bad habits and bad road behaviour, once formed, can be hard to shift which is why we need to be doing all we can to make our roads safer. Reducing people’s speed forms part of this which is why I am pleased to provide the force with up-to-date resources needed to help tackle the issue.

“Too many people die or are seriously injured on our roads, and with many areas currently seeing icy conditions, it is vital we protect our communities by driving safely and sticking to the speed set for the road.”

Issued on Wednesday 6th January 2021