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Ref: PCC/DN/2023/14

Executive Summary

Bicycles seized by the Police during operations or unclaimed from lost and found
are currently disposed of in a way that means their potential usage isn’t maximised
after the legal retention timeframes have elapsed. Often requiring repair, or rusting
whilst in storage, many bikes end up in landfill currently.

West Mercia Police and the OPCC have recognised an opportunity amongst our
regionally commissioned services, charities, educational institutions, and other
community groups for these otherwise wasted bikes. The benefits include enabling
children, young people and adults the opportunity to repurpose a bike, with support
to repair it to a roadworthy condition, learn new skills, offer a mode of transport
and participate in an activity with health benefits.

This proposal supports the Commissioner’s commitment towards sustainability and
continued focus on diverting young people away from criminality.

A maximum of 25 bikes per quarter may be donated without further engagement
with the PCC. The PCC will require quarterly reporting on the bikes donated.


That the Police and Crime Commissioner authorise:

The donation of up to 25 seized and unclaimed bicycles per quarter direct from
West Mercia Police to partner organisations, who will gift them to young people in
need, once all relevant governance / legal timeframes have elapsed.

This arrangement will be ongoing unless / until otherwise varied.

West Mercia Police and Crime Commissioner
I hereby approve the above proposal.



Bikes seized by West Mercia Police have been previously donated by a one off
signing off process by the OPCC to projects that help young people.

In one example, a young person transformed broken bikes back into working
order, one of these was gifted to another young person to enable them to get to
and from school every day. Other bikes were donated to a primary school where
‘Dr Bike’ fixed them and then given to those pupils without, to enable them to learn
cycling proficiency etc.

The bicycles would otherwise either be destroyed or left to slowly deteriorate if not

The Police Property Act (1897) as amended by the Police Property Act (1997)
allows for the disposal of property which has come into the possession of the
Police in connection with their investigation of a suspected offence, where the
owner of the property has not been ascertained and no order of a competent court
has been made in respect of it.

The bikes are accepted by the third party in the condition that they are donated,
and there is an understanding that there is no legal obligation that remains with the
West Mercia PCC on donation.

It is proposed that this donation continues on an ongoing basis until / unless such
a time that this decision is varied.

There are no significant financial decisions associated with this proposal.

The police force will be authorised to donate up to 25 bikes per quarter. Anything
above this level would require further engagement / authorisation from the PCC.
The police force will provide a quarterly written update to the Commissioner on the
bikes that have been donated.


This decision supports the following element(s) of the Safer West Mercia Plan:
☐ Putting Victims and Survivors First

☐ Building a More Secure West Mercia
☒ Reforming West Mercia

☒ Reassuring West Mercia’s Communities

The decision supports this/ these objective(s) through the following:
Mange resources to maximise value, effectiveness, efficiency and meet

Greater community engagement and contribution to happier, healthier


  • Health and training benefits to the community, to be delivered via partner
  • Releasing space in police stores


Thom Dancox



No financial implications from the transfer of the assets to a third party, on the
basis of compliance with the relevant legislation for seizure of property.
On donation there is expectation that there is no further liability to West Mercia




By virtue of schedule 11, paragraph 14 of the Police Reform and Social
Responsibility Act 2011 the Police and Crime Commissioner may do anything
which is calculated to facilitate, or is conducive or incidental to, the exercise of the
functions of commissioner. That includes: entering into contracts and other
agreements (whether legally binding or not) and acquiring and disposing of
property (including land).


Information in this form is subject to the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FOI Act)
and other legislation. Part 1 of this form will be made available on the West Mercia
Commissioner’s website. Any facts and advice that should not be made
automatically available on request are not included in Part 1 but instead in a
separate Part 2 report.


Chief Executive Officer


To read a PDF signed copy of this decision notice click here. If you would like this decision notices and the appendices in an accessible format please email [email protected]